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Beijing time June 2 news articles, foreign media, said yesterday in the process of starting Facebook have committed many mistakes, launched many unsatisfactory product or the service by users, but eventually welcome all try to Facebook made the remedy.

The following is the full text:
Science and technology industry, companies such as Facebook is taken to claim the iterative development "strategy". The old products, new product rolled, rather than one year released a big a pile of product release. Facebook website often appears some experimental function, and then suddenly disappeared. This is the success of Facebook is one of many reasons why: it always keeps pace with The Times.

Unlike like textbooks as carefully polished product, the iterative development product will show a public sight in many mistakes and insufficient. On Facebook, the history of the legislature threat, users objections or negative opinions have contributed to the company's many production decision. Facebook recently for its products and service provision and making some adjustments and incur user strong opposition, now we can wait and see, Facebook will how to deal with the user's opposition.

On the other hand, under the loyal users and legislature discontent in front, Facebook showed great flexibility. On the other hand, Facebook also shows its power in constant growth, is increasingly unlikely to a decision to withdraw. Less than 10 years ago, university administrators can let Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark hochfrequenztechnik zac closed.) And now, the United States senators began to discuss whether the newly revised Facebook privacy policy will produce adverse impact, but no one knows whether the senators talk can weaken the power of Facebook.

The following is the growing history Facebook event: infamous mistakes
Launch Facemash
Occurs in: October 2003
Event: founded Facebook in before harvard undergraduate, marc zack sulzberger one day midnight suddenly emitted a crazy idea, he broke into the campus network, use the content catalog create a named Facemash. Com website, this application lets students can vote for their own heart the most attractive two classmates. Early in the marketing industry heard "virus" this word is real, before realized Facemash virus, although not everyone likes this propagation mode.
Facebook: then how screwed up, but still no Facebook the behavior of nico rosberg zac - into campus network without permission directory, his classmates personal identification on part-public creature with website - the Facebook today is similar.

Facebook how to remedy: Harvard University several female team protest after a few officials closed Facemash. Com website, and prosecute zack sulzberger against the network security, the infringement of copyright and personal privacy. Although the school eventually gave up the prosecution, but this dying Facemash midway through. But, now, obviously zack sulzberger then laid the foundations for Facebook.

And ConnectU disputes
Occurs in: dispute began in 2004, finally, in 2008 solved
Event: Facebook is a mess. Founded early Facemash project that zack sulzberger at harvard everyone knows. Three intends to develop Harvard Connection (then called renamed the ConnectU) social network project Harvard seniors also found him, hired him as a programmer. Zack sulzberger finally started Facebook ConnectU's founder, has claimed that zack berger for its work in during the code and ConnectU stolen intellectual property, and successively from school charges and to court zack sulzberger.

Facebook how screwed up: if zack sulzberger did steal ConnectU's intellectual property and it is a serious problem.

How Facebook remedial: Facebook to existing products without making any modification to cope with legal action. But in 2008, Facebook is going to attract more users and to investor's attention, so desperately wants to end this problem. ConnectU founders understood Facebook paid to $65 million, actually be bought ConnectU dege assets. "Fighting Club" (Fight Club) director David Fincher) David Fincher (about The origins of Facebook filmed film "The Social Network" (a) a Social event will be detailed why. Revealed The film will be released this fall officially theaters.

Give up Wirehog project
Occurs in: 2004 autumn
Event: two insiders TechCrunch Disrupt innovation at this year's meeting, Facebook CEO Mark said Mark Zuckerberg (Mr Zac in early 2004) has released a P2P file-sharing service, and the service Wirehog nearly led to Facebook midway die young.

The two industry insiders were music sharing service Napster founder Sean Parker (does Sean Parker) and "the Facebook Effect" (Facebook) have the author of the book David ko Patrick (David Kirkpatrick).

According to Tony parker, said zack berger memories of Wirehog and Facebook was equally are very seriously. Zack sulzberger launch Wirehog far walk in the forefront of The Times and then have not even f8 development platform. However, ko Wirehog project, said Patrick in 2006 were suspended.

Early Facebook users may remember Wirehog this additional project, Facebook users can use with friends Wirehog music file sharing pictures and. People feel surprised be, was almost few customers have privacy problem, perhaps because Facebook only to the United States is at some universities open. And can use Wirehog user is less.

How Facebook: early in a mess of Wirehog quietly, before the advent of file sharing has left many anti-piracy fighter veins, so it is not difficult to imagine BenZhang sheba, Facebook when investors first think how much a service, this leads to some obstacles. But, according to people familiar with the Wirehog project said halfway through were cut, because Facebook poineering group Wirehog development that not quickly enough to Facebook, and its influence.

Facebook Wirehog remedial: how was closed. More importantly, Facebook began to Wirehog played very indifference. According to sources, this is not true. In fact zack nico rosberg and Facebook co-founder, especially early team Andrew Michael LAN (Andrew McCollum) to Wirehog had placed a ardent expectations, and that Wirehog have potential and Facebook vie.

But in 2007, as Facebook developer platform, which launched Wirehog can see the philosophy behind the has influenced deeply on the development of Facebook, which USES Facebook user identity and social relationship for another application provides basis.

Forced out dynamic message
Occurs in: September 2006
Event: now look is stupid matchless and not always, but in the autumn of 2006, Facebook users to revolt against the website a sudden lift called dynamic message (News) of the new function're. This function will be displayed on the whereabouts of polymerization user friend's home page, rather than spreading in the user their archives page, so Facebook users initially claimed that this function let their wanderlust, like a tracking same.

How Facebook mess of: now in retrospect we will find, Facebook in social networking field to a long step, and roll out dynamic message this will annoy users function is it have to take risks. However, Facebook can take more moderate ways, not sudden once the function of imposition to the user.

Facebook how to remedy: zack berger writes the blog on Facebook said: "we this really screwed up." Subsequently, Facebook privacy control options increased, the user can choose not to show some of the operation of the front page in friends, such as change relationship state, etc.

Cancel the beacon advertising program
Occurs in: November 2007
Event: in 2007, Facebook in New York city released lighthouse (Beacon) advertising project, this is Facebook Ads overall advertising as part of the project. Facebook users in participated in the lighthouse advertising project cooperation website for any operation, these data will be displayed in the Facebook site, including users in shopping behavior, on the site Yelp web site in Blockbuster's remarks, in the behavior of the lease. Privacy fighters war-not in activism groups, including the MoveOn. Most clangorous org, the group has claimed this practice greatly violated the user's privacy rights and interests.

Facebook: how screwed up the user without permission in third party sites offer the behavior get Facebook friends share? Yes, this is a mistake.

Facebook how to remedy: Facebook gradually abandoned lighthouse program. First, Facebook announced the project improvement and let users can choose not to share their own data. But after a few of the lawsuits in this project, Facebook eventually published two years later decided to give it up. Has "is a universal genius spine Connect service by Facebook users on Facebook website in third-party web sites to share the whereabouts of seems to have is a regular topic. And despite a lighthouse project draws criticism, but zack sulzberger never apologize for the product itself, but only when the product is said the practice of released disapproved.

Giving in to Craigslist
Occurred in 2008
Event: in 2007, Facebook issued a classified AD service, but the service had never catch up the pace of Craigslist.
Facebook how screwed up: this is a correspondence with Facebook itself is not the additional functions, but if as a third party applications is a good one.

Facebook Wirehog how remedial: and same, Facebook mart (Facebook Marketplace) also quietly stopped service. Facebook will then classified ads Oodle classification of providers provide service as its official application promotion. This may not let Craigslist founder Craig Newmark) Craig Newcastle mark (for fear.

Twitter follow
Occurs in: March 2009
Event: 2009, Twitter on the network, it gradually popular real-time traffic let users are fascinated by. Therefore, Facebook also improved its dynamic message function, make more real-time digestion.

Facebook how screwed up: Facebook to rush curtly dynamic news was improved, and the relatively clean and tidy home page into originally was confusing the real-time traffic. Facebook Twitter is trying to purchase just released after a failed this function.
How Facebook remedial: once again overhauling. Facebook resumed the dynamic news for almost appearance, with before the old dynamic user can however news and switching between real-time dynamic news.

Desalt regional network
Occurs in: June 2009
Event: initially, if you have a university's email address, can as university students and alumni, and add registered Facebook campus network. Then, high school students can also registered Facebook and join the school network. Then, corporate users can also join the company network. Finally, you can also join regional network. However, Facebook later don't think it is reasonable.

Facebook how screwed up: Facebook's hindsight is correct, Facebook at first allows users to himself a regional network, look danzhou-tunchang's smart business. But for an international company, it is this does not reasonable. You can join to be in city, state or national network? If you try to their hometown and currently with local people keep in touch?

Facebook how to remedy: users can still in individual archives location and fill in the current hometown place, according to Facebook advertising. Released these properties precisely But Facebook is no longer provide users with regional network. On its Facebook product or brand as outdated concept never relent, Facebook Connect, released after more than one year will be gradually let located in issued a new Social plugin (Social Plugins) services. This also is Facebook could succeed one of the reasons why.

Amendment privacy control
Occurs in: July 2009
Event: perhaps is to prepare more big changes, to encourage users to share more Facebook privacy control on the contents on the modified considerably.

Facebook how screwed up: Facebook may make things simple, but it doesn't please legislature. Canada and other parts of the privacy policy officials don't like these changes.

Facebook: the implementation of how to remedy changes after a month, in response to the Canadian privacy commissioner, Facebook privacy control to blame the further modification. Canadian privacy commissioner, said after criticism third party partners in access Facebook user data exist some problems.

Again meet privacy issues
Occurs in: April 2010
Event: the f8 developer conference this year, marc zack nico rosberg in his keynote speech announced several new products. Facebook will try to make everything on the Internet can be linked together, at the same time the user can also choose will own files on the Internet public or is completely remove. The new Social plugin (Social Plugins) service will Connect to a new position, Facebook and is still in the test phase of "Instant Personalization" (Instant Personalization) can make any cooperation website as become like Facebook.

Facebook how screwed up: let users are disgruntled by default, Facebook user profile to the entire Internet open, it makes some users worry, think maybe shouldn't trust Facebook will insist on reasonable privacy protection standards.

Facebook how to remedy: not all 4 million users will look to Facebook official blog, therefore Facebook to media, this time the public policy director Eliot's Elliot Schrage, Sarah odd (accepted the "New York times interview and answer a lot of questions. But if this could appease users and privacy protection groups? Maybe not. Facebook this lots of work to do.


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