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Get More Fans

Hello there,

I’m to day going to describe “How to we can get more fans to our fan page”.  When you are going with fan page on face book you must have some fans on your niche, to day I’m going to describe to way to get lot of fans to your site.
Then you can send recommendation for your friends, at your account. It will be as follows.

You can get more fans by telling your fans, you can import you skype contact yahoo contact or you can upload contact form from your local computer, keep remember your maximum contact is 5000 only.
You can post updates and add mobile number to your fan page to improve more contacts.
Mainly we are use like box and like button for our web site or blog site. It can get as follows.
To add face book like box to the web click like box link in the plug in list, then you will see above box, then you must provide your details here. At face book page URL you must past your fan page URL, and then choose your option with satisfy. Then press get code button and copy past your code in to the blog or web source. If you like to add like button to your post you can add it same this, click add like button link and then it will display like this.

·                     Copy above code and past it to the blog or web source. Using this method you can add more face book plug-in
·                     Activity Feed
·                     Comments
·                     Face pile
·                     Like Box
·                     Like Button
·                     Live Stream
·                     Login Button
·                     Recommendations

Okay guys, I think you have understand all methods we can do with face book  fan page, and you must do this to your site to enjoy the web traffic. 

Okay bye, keep in touch


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