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How to add mobile phone to the FaceBook

When we use FaceBook we can add mobile phone account to the FaceBook profile. To add mobile to the FaceBook account go to your account settings page, and then go to mobile tab,

Now you can see two options it is register for FaceBook text messages or already received a confirmation code. If you don’t add previously your mobile to your account select “Register for FaceBook text messages” link, then you can see following screen,

Then select your country and mobile carrier from the drop down list, then press next button, now you can see following screen.

Now send “F” letter to the 32665 number, then you will received confirmation code to your mobile, then enter it to the above box, then press next button,  you must send your message as follows,

After sending your message you will receive message from the FaceBook, it will as follows,

Now you must enter this confirmation code in to the above box, then press next button, now you will received message from FaceBook like this,

It mean you have successfully added your mobile to the your profile, now you can setup your mobile SMS settings on your profile as follow,

Now you can see your mobile setting on your FaceBook page as above, first option you can on off your SMS service from FaceBook account. And you can set your time for the SMS received; now you can see more options you could setup under this option, now enjoy FaceBook with your mobile devices.

Okay gay, keep in reading we are providing more hacks and latest updates and secret we can use in FaceBook profile, our next article is high secure feature enabled for your profile. This is very advance and dangers feature for FaceBook profile. 


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