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How to Get Unlock Code from GSM Forum

When we are going to unlock the dongle we need to consider of the unlock and flash codes from the gsm forum. We can do the easily by giving our dingle’s imei number to the related site. I’m now going to describe that for you. I’m find out easily way how to we can get unlock code, to get it follow this link with your IMEI number.

In this url you can see “*************” line, you must replace your dongle IMEI number on this   line. After typing this address with your IMEI number then press enter button on your computer and will display codes as follows.


IMEI: 35237568105198

Entsperren / Unlock: 56394162
Flashen / Flash: 62086820

(c) SERGEY/MKL 2010
Now you can unlock your HSPA dongle using above information.
How Unlock my dongle next step appear next page FOLLOW ME.

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