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How to reset face book password correctly

Today I’m going to tell how to we can reset our face book password correctly, some times when we are keep our face book account high secure we use password generators often when we are log on and off, some times it will reason for forgot our password.

I really describe at this post how to we can reset our face book password at a minute, to do this you must log on your face book web site. Then you can see two box say enter password and user name. But you don’t have any password for enter this correctly. You must click on forgot password? Link under the password box.

Then you can see password rest page as follows, now you must provide accurate details for your face book account.

You can choose you option under these options
Enter your email or phone number
Enter your facebook user name
Enter your name and a friend’s name

After you provide one of above then press search button. Now you can see confirmation box like this.

Provide code then press submit button, now you can see identification screen, 

at this area you can identify your own account and this is account is your own press this is my account button, if this is not your account then press none of these are me, try again button, if you click this button you want follow previous steps next, if you click this is my account button you will see following screen. 

At this step you can see your email addres created your facebook account, then press reset password button to send password reset link to your account. If you can’t access your email account you can click “No longer have access to these?” link. After click it you must give answer for the security question you setup when you create your account. Then you can enter your new email for recover password, then you can get recovery mail from your mail account.

Log on to your email accont, then you can seerecieved recovery mail from facebok, open it and click on the reset link.

 After click on the password reset link and you can enter your new password. Then press change password link on the box.

Now you can log on to your account, as follows, if you are enter new email address for recover your password you must wait, 24 ours.


After recover your account you can log on to your account you can see it like this, if you are provide new email address for recover your password you will see following message when you are going to log on your account.
Above picture you can see tell them you must wait 24 ours to enter your face book account. After 24 hours you can log on to your account and enjoy face book.
I think above all steps are understand and followed correctly, if you have any understandable problem please keep comment under this post, okay gay keep in touch we will give face book tips and tricks for face book users to enjoy face book as dream, 


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