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how to setup top level domain to our blog site

Hell there,
Today I’m going to teach how to we can get free top level domain service for our blog site, Simply our blog site URL is like, but I will teach you how to we can replace this url in to top level domain name, at this post I will teach setup free domain service like and services, If you have any bought domain name you can setup it using this method.

Today mostly used but I will teach how to we can setup domain for your blog url, to do this first log on to site, then you will see site like following,

At this site you can get lot of services like domain name, web hosting services, and more, And it will provide free domain name service leading domain name, At this article I will teach to get this domain name as free, Next step you can check your domain availability by typing it on search box, type your desired domain in box, then press check availability button, If you can check it on bulk list by clicking on bulk check button. It will be as follows.

Then you can see next step, if your domain is already registered and try again and is available on this domain, then you must click continue to registration button.

After clicking on this button next step will display your account logging screen, if you don’t have account you can register with by click create an account now link under the logging window. 

At next page you will see your registration form like this, and then you must provide your all detail they have requested. Then press continue button.

After you registered with you must verify your mail address and then log on to your account, after logging it you can setup your domain name, 

You must setup your new domain name, because it valid only limited period (48 hours). To setup it press on setup button, then you  will be display following screen now you can setup it.

At this screen select Zone Records option button,
Under host name type your domain name organized with previously steps, under TLT select D1 then type is CNAME, under value type this as accurately this word “”. then press setup button,  After completing above options you m ust wait 48 hours, but it will short 4 hours, it will some times that, but maximum time is 48 hours only,

Then you can add this URL to your blogger URL, to add this log on to your blogger account, then go to settings tab, select publish option, and custom domain, switch to advance settings, option tow you can typ your new domain under this option, then confirm it, now you can enjoy your new domain with your blog.

It as above, keeping reading our blog, we are provide latest web and blog tips for web masters. 


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