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Using font Styles and size Style Sheets in website designing

The result is a consistent look that is easy to apply thought the document. Second advantages to styles become evident when you want to adjust the look of all the text to which you've applied a style. You simple refine the style and that change is immediately reflected throughout the document. In the past, html lacked a mechanism for performing this simple automated formatting task. But that's about to change with acceptance of style and style sheets in the HTML specification. just as you would use style in a word professor, a web author can incorporate style into a web page. This can be done in several ways, the following is the simplest. within the tags for a page you can specify style elements for various tags that will that will affect those tags throughout the page. you could use this method to create web page that all use the same style but three's a much more efficient way to use style.
The term style sheet refers to a single file that contains multiple style definitions. You can reference that file in any HTML web page to apply those styles to that page. If you save that style sheet file in a web site, you can reference it in any web page with the following code. The resulting page would look exactly the same as the one in the earlier styles and style sheets have a greet potential for easing the job of creating and especially maintaining a web site. When many pages reference the same style sheet, you can simply modify the style sheet to have the changes appear in all the pages. If you'd like to learn more about style sheets, you'll find a great guide from the web design.
Linking Pages To The World:-the title feature that create the web for countless computers and networks is the hyperlink. When you're reading a web page in your browser you can click a link to jump to a new resource. That resource be another HTML page a graphic image a sound or video file or disk on an thing else, and it might be located on the browser's local hard disk, on an internet site. Or on a site anywhere on the World Wide Web.
Creating a Text or Image Hyperlink:- The HTML anchor tag' defines a hyperlink within a web page and the minimum contains two components:
The text or image that you click to activate the link 
The URL of the link's target, which will open when you click the link
Here is the HTML code for a text hyperlink. The text online help is the clickable link and in your browser that text I underlined and displayed in blue. An image can also serve as a hyperlink; clicking the image activates the link. The text that is next to activate the link. Here's the HTML code for this link and the text to its right: The deference to that image file falls within the anchor tags and the sentence describing the link there's online help when you need it' is outside those tags.


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