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2011 Great Male Survey

2011 Great Male Survey

How does the modern man determine his social status? How concerned is he about his appearance? Is he actively planning for retirement? Over 70,000 respondents weighed in on Askmen's 2011 Great Male Survey — and the results might surprise you.

78% of men believe they can tell if a woman is faking an orgasm.50% of men have lied about the number of sex partners they've had48% of men said they would dump their partner if she became fat.32% of believe that beer is the ultimate man's drink.46% of men rank potential for career growth as the most important job factor.48% of men would punch their colleague in the face, while only 29% of men would punch their boss.27% of men believe in angels (4% more than last year).74% of men think that "sexting" is cheating if you're in a relationship.17% of men believe revolution is the best way to reboot America's economy.

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