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2011 President's Award for Living Our Core Values - How We Work Together

Chris Harris

2011 President's Award for Living Our Core Values - How We Work Together

Chris HarrisChris Harris is the manager of the operating room at University Hospital, but he began his career at LHSC as a registered respiratory therapist in 1989.

Chris was nominated by colleagues from respiratory therapy, the operating room and intensive care as he has made an impressive impact in all of these areas. His nominators describe him as a quiet, effective leader who promotes excellence in his staff and colleagues by encouraging independent thinking.

After many years as the coordinator of respiratory therapy in the ICU, Chris took on the role of OR manager at UH last January. The position is described by colleagues as a difficult one, with the manager frequently dealing with complex and conflicting demands. Balancing budgets, resources and diverse roles and personalities from multiple disciplines, Chris has retained a unique ability to be congenial and approachable while quickly getting up to speed the standards, policies and procedures within the OR. In this new role, Chris has been able to actively encourage and motivate in several areas of change management, including championing the Surgical Safety Checklist which has become a part of his team's daily culture.

"Chris lives LHSC's core values of respect, trust and collaboration in every encounter he has, leading his team by example and empowering them to achieve personal and professional goals with hard work and determination," says Bonnie Adamson, President and CEO.



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