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3 Food Fixes You’ll Love

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The "I want to look slim on my date tonight" fix
No one feels sexy when they're full and lethargic. Eat carbs early in the day to build energy - but steer clear of bread, the ultimate tummy bloater. "If you're going for an alcohol-heavy, dinnerless date, a
big lunch is key. Mix carbs, protein and vegetables for optimum energy," says nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville. And avoid fizzy drinks. "Carbon dioxide can make you bloated," says Kate Cook, director of The Nutrition Coach.
What To Eat
Breakfast - Muesli and an orange
Lunch - Jacket potato with tuna and salad
Snack - Organic yoghurt with berries
Dinner - Omelette with peas and sweetcorn
The "I'm in PMS hell!" fix
"Your body produces the hormone progesterone during the second half of your cycle," explains Dr Glenville. "But adrenaline, triggered when we skip meals, blocks your body's ability to use it, causing cramps and an emotional rollercoaster." Curb adrenalin rushes by eating little and often. Carbs help ease mood swings and oily fish - packed with Omega 3 - can reduce cramps. Stock up on dark leafy veg, like spinach, as "Magnesium will ease tension in your cramps," says Cook. "And your hormones run off essential fats, so eat avocados and unsalted nuts."

What To Eat
Breakfast - Organic porridge with blueberries
Mid-morning snack - Raisins, cracker with houmous
Lunch  - Smoked mackerel with couscous or soup and a wholemeal bread roll
Afternoon snack - Banana and a handful of unsalted nuts
Dinner - Wholewheat pasta with fresh tomatoes and goat's cheese
The "I need to be on top form for work tomorrow" fix
Fill your plate with protein, found in eggs and salmon. "It's excellent brain food," says Cook. "And the Omega 3 will keep you alert." Shun sweet treats too. "You naturally have 1tsp of sugar in your bloodstream - anymore and you feel sluggish," says Cook. Finally, "Avoid carbs for dinner as they will keep you awake."
What To Eat
Breakfast - Scrambled eggs on rye toast
Lunch - Chicken salad
Snack - Nuts and an apple
Dinner - Stir fry: whatever vegetables you like - plus prawns, chickpeas or lentils


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