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5 Things You Need To Know About You

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How well do you know yourself? If the following points are a mystery to you, the answer may be 'not well enough'. But don't worry GLAMOUR has garnered a team of top experts to run through the basic areas about the most important person - you - and why they matter.
Your breaking point
"In all relationships, know where to draw the line," says psychologist Leila Collins. If stress boils up, pull out. "People do things until they reach a wall," she says. "Take time out when you're not getting anywhere."
The number of a doctor who knows you
As in, knows your name, history and is someone you can talk to. "This is so important," says resident GLAMOUR GP, Dr. Rini Chatterjee. "Many illnesses can be dealt with easily if picked up early, but can get worse because of embarrassment. If you can't open up to your doctor, switch to another."
What puts you in a good mood
Think back to the last time you were stressed or upset. What made you happy again? "Emailing a friend, getting a manicure, seeing a
therapist... it's different for everyone." says Collins. "It doesn't matter what the fix is, what's important is recognising when you're distressed and knowing what to do about it."
Whether your PMS-ing or just need lunch
Food cravings during your period are totally normal. "It's because your hormones are all over place. Plus you might find that cravings are harder to resist." says Dr Leila McCay, assistant medical director for BUPA. Try keeping a balanced diet during your period and don't feel guilty for giving in to the odd craving.
Your go-to-wish
"Everyone needs a dream. A goal gives you something to aim for," says social psychologist Dr. Gary Wood. "You need something to look forward to and a wish, gives you hope and a sense of direction." Collins suggests making it achievable, "like a
promotion, something you can work towards."


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