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Are you getting ripped off on your bar tab?

Cable and mobile phone companies thrive on surcharges for unrecognizable items like air wave rental fees and federal something taxes. Whenever I've inquired into them with the providers, they've repeated the name of the charge to me and explained that's what it is. We're used to accepting stowaway charges at the bottom of our bills, but sometimes a claim is too ridiculous to quietly pay. recently featured a billreceived by one of its readers that included a fee for "Due Rounding." The charge in this case added on two cents to a mozzarella-stick bill that brought the total from $6.48 to a much more round $6.50. The restaurant with this bold rounding policy is Ogden Street South, a sports bar in Denver that is now well prepared for the disappearance of the penny.

We've heard of credit cards left overnight at bars getting charged an extra few drinks but this seems differently illegal. The kind of illegal that could accrue a lot of money over time—if it wasn't for the internet.

Do you have a good story about being overcharged on a bill?


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