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The best way to serve beer (aka how summer just got better)

Michelada #1

Michelada #1

A Michelada is a Mexican drink served so many ways it's hard to say which is the original. The one I discovered this summer can't truly be called a "beer cocktail" because you don't mix it with anything. What makes it special is what lies on the rim of its glass, so I prefer to just call it: How a beer realizes its potential. For people who love Mexican flavor, this drink turns a beer into a party. Prepare to walk a tasty road to greatness.

Here's what you need for one glass:

1 lime
1 glass (a Mason jar works well because it has a thick rim)
Mexican hot sauce (like Chalula)
1 very cold pale Mexican beer (Tecate, Corona, Pacifica, etc.)

1. Cut a wedge from the lime and cut a slit in its center.
2. Hook the slit onto the rim of the glass and slide it all the way around to wet it. Remove the lime wedge and save.
3. Pour salt into a small dish that is bigger than the circumference of your glass and turn your glass over onto it so that the rim of the glass is covered in salt.
4. The hot sauce is the tricky part. If you're not careful it'll come out like Michelada #2, which isn't all bad if 
Michelada #2

Michelada #2

you like it spicy. Carefully trace the rim of the glass with hot sauce. If your hot sauce doesn't have a small nozzle you can put some sauce in a small dish, as you did with the salt, and apply the hot sauce that way.
5. Pour beer into glass.
6. Reapply lime to rim for presentation.
7. Squeeze lime into beer before drinking.

P.S. Many Micheladas call for ice, but I skip it.


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