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The Best & Worst Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

Are you staying hydrated? Water is the best choice, of course, but if you're bored by H20 here are the do's and don'ts of summer hydration...

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The Huffington Post ran an interesting piece on the do's and don'ts of summer hydration, and here were the top and bottom three:

Hydration Do's:

1. Coconut water: It's all the rage now, and if you like the taste, go for it! It's low cal, and packed with electrolytes.

2. Fruit! Don't forget that most fruit has high water content (like watermelon) so you can hydrate and eat at the same time!

3. Infused water: Think fruit-enhanced water, herbal water (you can make both yourself easily!)

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Hydration Don'ts:

1. Soda (sorry!): Most have high sugar and sodium content, which does not do a body good.

2. Seltzer: While it's fine for sipping at the office, you don't want to be drinking seltzer before or during a workout. It can cause bloating and gas, which can slow you down in the yoga studio or on the treadmill!

3. Super-cold beverages: If your drink is too cold, it could cause muscle cramping during workouts (who knew?). 

What are your hydration do's?


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