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Bodyweight Workout - A quick equipment free workout

If you are short on equipment a bodyweight workout may be just the thing for you. Maybe you don't have much time and want to squeeze in a workout or perhaps you just want to give yourself a pump before going out. A bodyweight workout can be used as a means to an end - recovering from an injury, or as the end itself, as an alternative form of training. Using your own body weight as resistance is a convenient way to get a workout without needing a gym or equipment. It can add variety to your current routine. It is one way you can stay in shape when travelling, on a business trip or on vacation.

In the following bodyweight workout we are going to use only a handful of exercises. The first one is called a Hindu squat. This is similar to a traditional squats with the following changes. Stand upright and keep your hands near your chest. As you squat down lower your hands slightly behind you. Squat deep and as you get to the bottom of the squat, stand on you toes. So you are in a full squat position but your heels are off the ground. As you rise bring your arms back up to chest level again. Aim for 50-100 reps. Aim for as many reps as possible.

The next exercise is a Hindu push up. Position yourself like you are about to do a regular push up. Feet wide apart. This time though lift your hips high. So from your head to your hips has a 45 degree angle and you are facing your toes. From this position lower your hips and bend your arms so that you will perform what looks like a regular push up. While at the bottom of the push up, arch your back, so that your hips are now at the lowest point and your head is high. Arms are straight, hips are nearly on the floor. Return to the starting position. See if you can do 10-20 reps.

Regular Crunch/Sit/up. In a normal sit up position, with legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Feet close to buttocks. Curl your spine, so that only your shoulders come up, lower back is still on the floor. Perform a solid crunch, focus on curving your spine. When you have a good curl position, begin to sit up without changing the curve in your back. Only sit up a quarter of the way, until your lower back just comes off the ground. Hold for 2 seconds, lower and repeat. If you do these properly you should get a decent burn in less than 20 reps. If it is easy you are most likely not performing the exercises correctly. Focus on contracting the abs, not on repetitions. You are aiming to exhaust the muscle, the number of reps is not important, only contraction is.

The final exercise in this bodyweight workout is the chin up. You may find this too hard so try this variation. Place a bar (broomstick will do) on two chairs so it is horizontal and can't roll off. Now lie underneath it on your back. Grab the bar with a wide grip. Leave heels on the ground and keep your entire body straight like a board. Lift yourself up until your chest touches the bar. Lower back down but don't lie down on the ground. Aim for 10-20 reps.

You have just worked every muscle in your body without any equipment. I am sure you found it to be one solid and effective workout. Why not subscribe to my blog through the rss feed on the top left and be kept up to date with changes and additions to this website. I am constantly adding workouts, nutrition tips and articles. Don't forget to train hard.



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