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We all know what we're supposed to do to keep our bodies healthy, limber, and long-lasting. But how do you start treating your brain better--so it works at its best today and will keep working at its best tomorrow?

Unlike diets--in which you can see that you've lost either weight or inches--brain boosting is a tougher thing to track. Although there has been an explosion in brain research over the past decade, much of the work has been done on the elderly, and a lot of the findings show intriguing levels of correlation but, in fact, fall short of actual cause and effect. And the only true examination of your brain comes when you don't really need it anymore--at autopsy.

Scientists' original goal was to prevent both structural and functional changes. Now researchers are trying to understand why some people have what is called cognitive reserve, which is the ability to maintain most or all normal brain function even after negative changes--such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or decreased memory--occur.

So, even if you have a strong family history of mental decline in later years, what you do or don't do--right now--could make all the difference in keeping your brain in top condition. Follow our guide for an easy tune-up.



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