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Build Muscles - Strategies and facts that help you gain

If you want to build muscles you need to understand how, why and when they grow. You already know that you need to exercise. You need to challenge them beyond what they are accustomed to. This is called progressive resistance. Gardually increading, the intensity from workuot to workout, through higher reps, lifting more weight or shorter rest periods. If you have already been training with weights and doing the exercises over a long period of time it is likely you are getting the same results you have always been getting.

 Muscles will adapt to to the stress placed on them. If they are required to lift heavy weights, they will grow stronger and bigger, in order to meet the challenge of lifting whatever is before them. Lift what you always lifted, and look how you have always looked. Train how you always train and get the same results. You need to train uotside of your comfort zone. ALL GROWTH takes place uotside of your comfort zone. Don't cheat on those last few reps. Chances are whatever you are doing is not working, at least not how you would like it to. In order to build muscles, you must be willing to do 3 things.
1) Lift heavy weights
2)Train using bodyweight exercises
3)Train outside of your comfort zone.

As humans we are creatures of habit, we don't like to try new things. Even if we find a plan we like, we struggle to make too many changes. One question I get very often as a personal trainer is "What is the best way to train to build muscles", is it low reps, high reps? The truth is, whatever program you are NOT doing is the best! Change it up.

The human body is a remarkably efficient machine. It will keep changing and adapting to meet the demands and stresses placed on it. In this case, forming bigger and stronger muscles. Once it has grown to a level to meet those demands it will cease to keep changing, in simple terms this is called a 'training plateau'. This is why all programs after a while cease to be effective and thus my comment, "the program you are not doing is the best". Yuor exercise must be intense and variable.

This is one reason why you need variety in your workouts. Don't limit yourself to only weight training. Weight training is by far the best way to build muscle size, but it does have some minor drawbacks. First it only knows muscles and not movement. Weight training only trains the muscles as individuals or individual groups. Thus the training split days, legs one day, chest and arms another etc. Even die hard body builders will tell you that 2 of the best mass building exercises are using your own bodyweight. Parallel Bar Dips, and Wide Grip Pull Ups. On the other hand body weight exercises on their own are not enough to build size, they will build strength, endurance and definition. By using both methods combined into a plan, you can build muscles you never knew existed.

In order to get bigger you must use progressive resistance. This means each workout must progress from the one before it by increasing the load. If you can add weight at each workout great, it only has to be small, 2lb or 1 kilo increments is fine. While adding weight is the Number 1 way to build muscles, it is not the only way. In fact taken to it's logical conclusion, if this was the only way to add progressive resistance you would end up lifting a house! Obviously this doesn't happen. Other ways to use progressive resistance is increase reps, decrease rest periods, slow down or speed up tempo, improve form (technique), add variation, e.g. instead of chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups.

Form (Technique)

I need to mention how important this is. This means perform the exercise properly. Let's use barbell curls as an example. The guy next to you is doing the same exercise and using 100lbs, he is swinging his back a little and has a bit of shoulder movement going as well. Not be outdone or embarrassed, you decide you will use the same amount of weight. After lifting it you realise it is heavier than you thought, but you continue. You get a fair bit more back sway, and you can't complete your final set. You have not wasted your sets, but you have NOT got the maximum results out of the exercise and have risked injury.

Muscles grow though contraction, using correct technique ensures yuo get inetsne contractions in your muscle, this is held for 30-40 seconds during your reps and muscle growt ensures.



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