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Burning Calories - The path to getting ripped

You have heard the expression burning calories many times but what exactly does it mean. To fully underdstand this, first a quick lesson on what a calorie actually is. It is a unit of heat energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree celsius. When we talk of burning calories, it is equivalent to burning up fuel in a vehicle. The harder and faster your drive that motor, the more fuel you will use. Your body is the motor and the food you eat provides calories as well as many nutrients.

Living burns calories, so does sleeping and sitting, but at a very slow rate. If we want to get ripped and lose alot of fat, then the fastest and safest approach is to exercise. All exercise burns calories, simply walking, jogging, sprinting and resistance training. Each one will be burning calories at a diffrent rate. Some exercises burn more than others. Intense alternate sprints (slow/fast) of any sort that get your heart rate flying, will also burn calories at a higher rate for a few hours after the exercise session has completed. Weight training burns them in a different way.

The human body is an exceptional piece of machinery, capable of amazing things. It is designed to exercise and can withstand intense workouts. If your goal is to get rid of fat, or to get ripped, then you need to focus on burning more calories. You can do this with diffrent types of exercises. Aim for a variety of cardio sessions. Weight training will raise your metabolism so that you are burning calories at a higher rate at rest. Long steady cardio session will burn a large amount of calories in one session. Short cardio interval training will burn a moderate amount during the session but will increase your calorie burning after the session for a few hours. Can you see how combining different training methods can increase your calorie burning.

Have a look at the following chart to see how many calories you can burn with each exercise.

1 hour of jogging = 600 (no extra burn)
1 hour of aerobics = 400 (no extra burn)

1 hour of weight training = 230 (during session) + extra burn.Weight training will also build muscle, for each l lb (1/2 kilo) of new muscle you add to your body, you will burn a further 35 calories per day. If you add 3 lbs of muscle that's an extra 100 calories a day of calorie burning. Muscle burns calories. Over one week it is 700 calories. In one year it is an extra 20lbs of fat loss just from weight training.

20-30 Minute Interval training (HIIT) High Intensity IntervalsYou will burn 200-300 calories during the session. Your metabolism will be raised for several hours after the session burning even more calories. Depending how hard and how long (the harder the better - EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption), you could burn a further 100 calories in the hours after the session.

The above figures are averages, of course you need to consider your age, sex and weight, to get accurate figures for burning calories. They are however, a good general guide, I have given the above examples, to show you how you can construct your workouts for getting ripped, use a combination of all methods to get maximum burn so that you can get ripped.Here is a quick exampleMon, Wed, Fri (weight training)

Mon (40 mins cardio)
Tues (1 hour cardio)
Wed (HIIT 20 mins)
Thurs (45 mins cardio)
Fri (HIIT 20 mins)
Sat (1 hour cardio)
Sun (rest) Return from Burning Calories to Calorie Content



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