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Chest Exercises Women - chest workouts for breast enhancement


Chest Exercises women that will enhance and strengthen the chest area for a healthy and fit appearance. Like most women you want a feminine attractice chest that defies gravity. As part of your total body workouts, adding in some specific chest exercises can greatly improve your appearance. You can go straight to the exercises at the bottom of the page, but you will gain more if you keep reading first.

You don't need to look like a female bodybuilder and you don't have to end up looking like one - unless you want to of course. You will still need to train hard. Most chest exercise women do not offer enough of a challenge, while others are targetted too heavily at female bodybuilders. With these chest exercises for women you will maintain your curves and still look feminine. Do not be afraid to train with weights, you will not become bulky, instead you will develop lean muscle and drop fat, and that can only be a good thing. If you are not afraid of hard work, you will be rewarded with great results by following these exercises. You may also want to see reduce cellulite tips.

One of the more common complaints I get recently as a personal trainer is women point to the area in front of their shoulder where it joins the chest and ask "how do I get rid of this here". They are speaking of course of that little bit of fat hanging out from their sleeveless dress or top. The chest muscles cross the shoulder joint and insert into the upper arm. While spot reduction is impossible, (targetting an area for fat loss), strengthening and building lean muscle in an area is not. By targetting this area we can make it consist of more lean and shapely muscle.

Before we get to the exercises here are some facts. Chest exercises women alone will not make your breasts bigger. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue and pectoral (chest) muscles are made of lean muscle. The breasts sit on top of these muscles. In fact if you are trying to lose weight they will most likely get smaller, however this should be in proportion to the rest of your body as you will get smaller everywhere, so nothing lost.

What these Chest Exercises - Women will do though is strengthen and build the chest muscles that sit underneath and support the bust, this will make your boobs seem firmer and give them a lift, giving the appearance of a bigger chest. Certainly more toned. So if you want a fitter, firmer, enhanced chest that defies gravity and looks natural get ready to do some challenging exercises.

Weight Training

Weight training will not make you bulky, that is a myth, too many women shy away from weights, it is your number one weapon for a more toned body and an effective weapon that burns fat 24 hours a day. It is not true that light weights and high reps are for women and that heavy weights are for men. If you want results you must lift heavy weight (what is heavy for you, not someone else).

You will not get bulky, women simply do not have enough testosterone to build large muscles, and those female bodybuilders are taking steroids to get that huge look, in fact most male bodybuilders are doing the same. Building muscle size like that is much much harder than losing fat. So don't flatter yourself, that you tried weights but go too big. If that happened than you were eating too much. Getting that kind of big requires an unbelievable amount of dedication, discipline and attention to detail and more often than not some illegal substances. Further to that getting bulky has much more to do with the volume of food yuo eat, so if you want to lose fat and tone, you need to control your food, not stress or worry about weights making you bigger, it wont happen.

So we established you need weights, and that they need to be heavy (challenging enough that your muscles start changing). What are the best chest exercises women? The limiting factors are womens shoulders are one of their weakest points, as the shoulders are involved in chest exercises, this has be considered. The positive is that most chest exercises women will also hit the triceps (back of the upper arm) another problem area for many women, so they get a workout as well, which is a nice bonus. The following workouts can be quite taxing and are well supported by health supplements
Before we start a quick note on breast enhancement surgery risks.

Chest exercises women workout

Incline Bench Press
Set the bench to approximately a 50 degree incline. Using a barbell (long bar) with some weight lower the bar down to about 1 inch (2.5 cms) off your upper chest and push back up, that is one rep. Remember to lower the bar slowly, it should take around 3 seconds to lower and 1 sec to lift.

Phase 1
Do 4 sets of 8
Incine Barbell Bench Press
4 x 8 @ 20kgs(40lbs) 2 minutes rest between sets

Incline Dumbell Chest Flys
3 x 8
1 x 10 cable crossovers (or pec deck)
2 minutes rest between sets (except after the last set, go straight to a set of 10 cable crossovers or 10 pec deck without rest.) Repeat every 5 days for 4 weeks, then 1 week rest.

Phase 2.
Flat Dumbell Bench Press
4 x 10 2 mins rest except after last set straight to 1 x 12 Dumbell Pullover

3 x 8 cable crossovers or pec deck 1 minute rest between sets.

The Incline Barbell press is building muscular size in the upper chest area. This will help lift the bust. The Incline Chest Flys target the same area with a little more emphasis on seperation down the middle, helping with to defnie the shape. Flat Bench Press develops the mid portion of the pecs The cable crossover mostly targets the middle helping define the seperation.

That is 9 weeks total. You will now feel a difference, but this is just the begining......

If you are not sure how to perform the exercises please go here for some excellent demonstrations

If you do not have weights, try the bodyweight routine for your chest exercises women
Be sure to repeat the following workout 3 times per week for 6 weeks. Every 2nd day.

Push ups, (don't you hate that) make sure your technique is correct. You can do ladies pushups by keeping your knees on the ground. Ideally you want to do your push ups on your feet, (regular push up) work your way up to it.

Make sure your whole body is aligned, i.e. knees, hips, shoulders all in a straight line. Make sure hands are wide enough apart so that your arms are vertical not angled. Do 4 sets until failure (failure means until you can't do anymore) rest for 2 minutes between sets. If this is difficult put both your hands on a step. As you get stronger, you can leave them on the ground.

The next type of pushup will help give you more of a stretch. Everything as above, but put one hand on a step and the other hand on the ground. Do 2 sets on each side. So right hand on step, left hand on ground, then left hand on step and right hand on ground.

The last chest exercises women will require a couple of small towels under each hand. Again in a push up position, but this time keep your hands close together beneath you, elbows bent, and slide them out sideways, until your chest is nearly touching the ground, then slide them back in again. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.


So the chest exercises women body weight routine looks like this

1.Push ups (normal) 4 x F (f = failure) (2 mins rest between sets)

2.Push ups (one hand on step other on floor) 2 x F (right hand on step) (1 minute rest between sets) 2 x F (left hand on step)

3.Push ups - slide out and ins (2 mins rest between sets) 2 x 10

You now have a starting base, I will be adding a newsletter and more chest exercises women to this site soon, so keep checking. You can email your questions to me below.

If you want even harder chest exercises women try these stability ball exercises

Remember these chest exercises women, they will strengthen your chest muscles and enhance the appearance of your breasts. You will see and feel a difference. Don't forget to eat healthy and train hard.



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