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Commercial Gym Equipment Summary: The SciFit ISO7000R Recumbent Bi-Directional Exercise Bicycle by Jeffrey Atlas

Oftentimes, people with an issue with mobility or equilibrium, or any type restriction, think that they will not be able to engage in any exercise regime-even a residential one. It can be very advantageous to exercise at home; however, you have to shell out a bit of an outlay for a good piece of equipment which will stand up to your planned programme. If it is at all feasible, purchase commercial gym equipment. While it has a higher price tag, this sort of fitness equipment is deliberated to tolerate strenuous use, and usually offers a better array of functions and constituents than machines built only for home utilisation. The exercise bike is a trendy kind of fitness equipment, and recumbent versions enable almost everyone to attain a very advantageous, low-impact workout that has aerobic and also strength benefits. These are some facts concerning a terrific recumbent bicycle made by SciFit: the ISO7000R bi-directional model.

Commercial Gym Equipment: Key Features of the SciFit ISO7000R Recumbent Bi-Directional Bicycle

This is a feature-chocked item of commercial gym equipment that is equipped with backward and forward movement for additional diversity in your fitness programme. So the legs may be trained in two directions, utilising a choice of intervals of time. The bi-directional motion helps to prevent and alleviate muscle fatigue. In addition it optimises the endeavour and vigour expended by the user, creating an ultimate work-rate in a short time period. We, in addition, welcome the machine's low, 50mm step-through layout because it eases the effort of the user in climbing on and off the machine. Because of this the bicycle is great for application in fitness and rehab settings. The step-through width is 58cm. The bike also is completely self powered, meaning that it doesn't require a mains power connection, so it can be placed anywhere, a feature that makes the ISO7000R very versatile. It, additionally, comes with a 12-volt battery backup feature.

Commercial Gym Equipment: More Highlights of the SciFit ISO7000R

An aspect you will truly welcome is the ISO7000R's big, comfy seat which offers great lumbar support, and also assures that your body is positioned accurately. The machine will support a maximum user weight of about 225kg with the standard seat fitted. If you choose the sports seat as an option, its weight limit is upwards of 200kg. We particularly favour the extra strong 3-piece crank system on this particular bike. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 3-phase generator and an eddy current resistance which has a ranges from 5W to 2000W-this would include internal battery charging. Different from a lot of other pieces of equipment in its category, this ISO7000R has no minimum RPM requirement, a facet which is very significant in reconditioning of an user or in rehab settings. Also individuals that are training themselves for sports will recognise that this piece of equipment will allow optimisation of the workload at a fixed RPM. This is basic aspect in successful sports training. This bike's console offers up details on these vital workout parameters: METs, heart rate, calories, pace, distance, time, and speed. The bike is compatible with most wireless heart rate monitoring systems.

For outstanding performance from a piece of commercial gym equipment, give some serious thought to the SciFit ISO7000R recumbent exercise bike. 


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