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Create a Profitable Medical Fitness Program with the Help of a Practice Consultant by John Silcox

When you work with a company such as the Medical Fitness Academy to create a fitness program for your practice, you'll be availing yourself of years of experience that have gone into developing a platform that is designed to save you time, effort and money. It is also a major way to engage in practice building.

A medical fitness program can go a long way to creating a steady flow of income that will greatly enhance your practice's profitability. Rich Farina and Rita Bryan, who are both healthcare practice consultants, have combined their experience, knowledge and skills to create a platform that allows medical practitioners and trainers to implement a medical fitness program that benefits their patients while providing practitioners with a way to build their practice and increase profits.

Client Base Intact

The wonderful thing about such as program is that practitioners already have a client base intact. The patients that doctors and chiropractors presently see are the primary targeted clients for this new service. The goal is to convert medical patients into fitness clients.

Many medical problems can benefit from a patient engaging in a fitness program. With an adult population in America in which almost 70% are either overweight or obese, adding a fitness program to build a medical practice makes sense.

Some health areas that would benefit from such a program include

· Heart Disease & Other Cardiovascular 
· High blood pressure
· High cholesterol
· Diabetes 
· Obesity
· Asthma
· Osteoporosis
· Fibromyalgia
· Chronic Fatigue
· Cancer Prevention & Recovery

Understanding Who They and You Are

Before creating the program that will best benefit and connect with your patients, it's important to create a demographic workup, to also analyze your present resources and how you will implement the program. With those elements understood and with the aid of a healthcare practice consultant, you'll be able to determine what your initial program will entail.

Converting and Retaining

In order to convert those patients already in your system, you'll have to know what they need. If much of your client base is dealing with weight issues, the Medical Fitness Academy can help you put together the proper program that will attract and benefit those people. Also, maybe you see people who must deal with high blood pressure and others who have high cholesterol. Whatever the case may be creating a program that will help their specific condition and overall health is your focus and this endeavor will be facilitate by working with a healthcare practice consultant from the Medical Fitness Academy.

Once you're able to do that you'll be in a position to not only convert but to retain these clients. If a patient becomes a fitness client, they will have a stronger connection to your overall practice and that can mean more visits as both a client and a patient.

More Opportunities

Plus, as Farina and Bryan have seen, once the fitness component is in place there will be numerous other ways to create other income streams. These include offering diet services, nutritional supplements, screening tests and other such practices. And all of these opportunities are a result of tying a medical fitness program to your healthcare practice.

The Medical Fitness Academy, which features a four-step implementation process, can get your practice on the right track in the diverse area of fitness. With their innovative platform in place and through consultation with them, you'll be able to engage in practice building in a manner in which you'd never imagined. 


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