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Day make-up with in 3 different ways

Day make-up may be a challenge for women. It can't be as elaborate as the evening one and we can not use a large palette of colors. We have to stick to some simple rules, basic, and decide whether we want it nude, romantic or sophisticated, without being extravagant. Discover how easy it is to put them into practice.

It is a discreet makeup, which gives your skin a very soft appearance. To get the nude make-up, you must use a suitable foundation, concealer bar for pimples (if applicable) and against dark circles, lengthening mascara to enrich your eyelashes, a cream or beige eye shadow in a shade close to your skin natural one and a lip gloss with a slight tinge of pink or peach. After such a beauty ritual, don't worry about the fact that other may not observe that you have your make-up on…this means you got it right!!!

For this look, you need foundation, green, purple or blue eye shadow (depending on the color that suits you best and the clothes you wear), and eyeliner pencil to outline the upper eyelid (and possibly you can you draw even a "cat tail" on the corner of your eyes, but have great care not to exaggerate!), a creamy lipstick (with bright micro-particles) in a neither too harsh nor too subtle shade and, of course, a gentle finish of pick blush on your cheeks.


The piece of resistance for this look is, as you've guessed, colored pencil eyeliner. For brunettes, green and violet fits in nicely, blondes and redheads can choose between various shades of green (depends on the color of eyes and hair). Otherwise, same story. Eye shadow should be in the same tone with your eyeliner. If you're bold enough and know what attitude to adopt, you can wear without worrying even a bright red lipstick! If not quite your style, you only have to wipe your lips with a napkin and give them a more color.

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