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Dentist Los Gatos RECURRENT DENTAL DISEASES by Ruben Rutledge

There are myriad reasons why one would go to see the dentist. Receiving treatment for dental ailments is the chief reason for visiting the dentist other than the regular check-ups. There are a number of diseases which keep recurring and are the most frequent cause of dental visits. A number of these are discussed below. 

The most common cause of dental diseases is plaque. This term defines the soft clear coating that collects on the surface of the teeth. It comes from bacteria that live in one's mouth. Should this bacterium go unchecked, it ends up forming a thick coating on the teeth known as tartar. Tartar begins the process of anaerobic respiration in the teeth which creates acids. These acids end up causing damage in the surface of the tooth and producing cavities. The exercise of simple dental hygiene practices can, however, prevent this. Examples of these habits are the daily brushing of teeth as well as flossing regularly. One should also incorporate into their diet, highly fibrous foods and raw foods since these work to scrap plaque off the teeth.

Another common dental problem that prompts visits to the dentist is that of cavities. Cavities occur when food is trapped in between the teeth and combines with saliva and bacteria in the mouth. This leads to the creation of plaque which sticks to the teeth. Sugar bacterial acids are formed by this plaque and they dissolve the tooth enamel, resulting to tooth decay. Newly developed cavities are not painful even when the surface of the tooth gets softer.Treatment involves drilling out the disease and filling it with composite resin, gold or dental amalgam. If this procedure is done when the cavity first develops, it hurts less and is inexpensive to treat. For these cavities to be detected in time, it is thus vital to attend dental checkups.

Halitosis or bad breath is yet another common dental ailment which is perhaps more embarrassing than most. The breaking of protein by bacteria in the mouth is what causes bad breath. This occurs in cases where pieces of food are trapped between teeth, on the gums and on the tongue. A bad odor results if the mouth stays without being cleaned and these food particles degrade in the mouth. This especially happens when one eats a lot of cheese or garlic. Halitosis may also be caused by a number of serious conditions. Examples of these are respiratory infections, gastrointestinal problems, sinusitis and diabetes. The most widely recommended way of keeping halitosis at bay is brushing teeth twice a day and flossing daily. 

To keep all these disease at bay indeed, it is vital that one practices the basics of dental hygiene. These incorporate the brushing of teeth at least twice daily, flossing every day and avoiding sugary foods as much as possible. 


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