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The Egg Diet? This Woman Lost 30 Pounds Eating Eggs

By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

Do you like eggs? I admit, I don't eat a ton of them. But, one woman says they were the key to helping her lose 30 pounds and get lean...

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Salon writer Felisa Rogers wrote recently about how she credits eggs for helping her shed 30 pounds several years ago. And, get this: It was more of an accidental diet: "I once inadvertently lost 30 pounds," she writes. "I was 23, and I had just moved to Portland, Ore. ...While job and house hunting, I paid rent to sleep on a friend's couch, which I shared with her reprehensible golden retriever. As the weeks passed, my budget dwindled. I set my sights lower and broadened my job search. I whittled my diet down to three items: protein cereal, broccoli and eggs." She goes on to talk about how eggs, a cheap protein, are surprisingly healthy, and how she's back to eating eggs again (with a little more variety in her diet, thank goodness!).

Really, though, I think this writer's weight loss success story had more to do with eating fewer calories, more lean protein
(aka, eggs) and sticking to the plan (for her, it was for budget reasons). Researchers have recently found that eating the same foods over and over again can help with weight loss goals. So it's probably less about eggs and more about these things. For the record: I lost some weight in college by sticking to a dinner of brown rice, tofu and steamed veggies every single night. I wasn't even trying to lose weight, but my body just responded to this repetition.

Do you eat a lot of eggs? What are your favorite ways to cook them? I'm a hardboiled sort of gal.


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