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Fitness Equipment Review: The Ultim8 WNQ 8800A Commercial Treadmill by Jeffrey Atlas

There is a vast array of fitness equipment on the market today. Therefore, it stands to reason that we have trouble deciding on what brand and kind is most suitable. Using a treadmill gives you an extensive workout of the lower physique and also many cardiovascular benefits. Whenever you have planned a really vigorous fitness routine, it would be smart to buy commercial strength fitness equipment which can stay with you as your body is becoming more conditioned. A commercial grade treadmill will allow the user to run and jog, in addition to walking; therefore you probably won't outgrow it. A machine of this calibre also will stand up to vigorous use. A particular commercial quality treadmill we really support is the Ultim8 WNQ8800A model.

Fitness Equipment: Key Features of the Ultim8 WNQ8800A Treadmill

This is a handsome as well as high performing item of fitness equipment which possesses all the elements you would anticipate on a higher-end treadmill. It has a luxurious look and feel that just exudes high functionality and a superior design. For sure it is high-priced (around ?4000); nevertheless it is deliberated for use in a commercial place, so it can certainly take vigorous use from you. It is equipped with a robust 5HP Eco Pure continuous duty motor, plus a big walking and running surface that has an uniquely made orthopaedic belt that assist in avoiding an excess jolt to your bones when you are running, jogging, or walking. It has twelve built in programmes, which includes heart rate controlled. The user will be able to devise his or her own specialised and successful personalised programme. With an USB interface or an iPod that you can use to hook up your music player, this WNQ8800A furthermore is equipped with a built in speaker system.

Fitness Equipment: Additional Info Regarding the WNQ 8800A Treadmill

The treadmill's console gives feedback on heart rate, calories, speed, time, incline, distance, plus is equipped with a pioneering graphical 400 metre running track. The machine's belt is designed with a patented shock absorption arrangement; also it is 6 plies thick. A significant fact to know is that this treadmill is not a folding one. The frame is made from heavy-gauge steel, and features transport wheels for easy moving. The treadmill's incline can be modified from 0% to a demanding 18%. The 8800A will support a maximum user weight of 200kg, and itself weighs about 200kg itself. Heart rate is measured by sensors in the handgrips, and by way of a Polar-compatible chest strap.

Fitness Equipment: A Few Specifications of the Ultim8 WNQ8800A

The machine's motor controller transducer is equipped with a significant speed safeguarding aspect, plus the speed range of the motor is 0.8 to 25kph. The dimensions of the running/walking platform are 540mm x 1600mm; the proportions of the machine itself are 233cm x 95cm x 160cm (LWH). These programmes include weight loss, foot climb, heart rate control 1 and 2, interval, rolling, user define 1 and 2 as well as race. The WNQ8800A carries a 5 years home warranty, or a 2 years commercial warranty. 

For the absolute best in fitness equipment, this Ultim8 WNQ8800A treadmill is superb.


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