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Holiday Horror

Holidays are falling to the wayside as British workers increasingly skip breaks in fear of losing their jobs for being out of the office. But are we missing a trick?
"For employees who stand to lose some of their 2010 holiday allocation, now would be a good time to think about whether they want to be in the same situation next year. It's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are indispensible, but it's vital to take time to relax, switch off and have some fun," said Isabelle Ratinaud, Marketing Director at Monster UK, an online careers and recruitment resource.
Easier said that done? Ratinaud recommends checking your company's HR policy and your contract to make sure that your holiday requests - and holiday time - go smoothly. This means knowing the correct protocol for holiday requests (get them in early!), exactly how much holiday time you're due each year, and whether or not you can roll over holiday time from one year into another - something that companies are not legally obligated to let you do, even though it means that you may be out of pocket.
Did you get your full dose of holiday this year? Or are you hoping to make it happen next year? Discuss 


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