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Huntersville Dentist THE BASICS OF ORTHODONTICS IN DENTISTRY by Ruben Rutledge

There are a large number of fields which a dentist may choose to narrow his field of study to. An example of these fields is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is an area that mainly focuses on the general aesthetic appearance of the teeth as opposed to the strict dental health of a patient. 

Orthodontics is one of the basic categories that cosmetic dentistry incorporates. The study and treatment of malocclusions is the forte of orthodontics. Simply put, malocclusions is the term used to define improper teeth bites which may have resulted from tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships or both.

Orthodontics mainly focuses on either dental displacement only or may incorporate modification of facial growth. Such kind of modification is what is termed as dentrofacial orthopedics. It is carried out mostly for aesthetic reasons as it improves the general appearance of the teeth and mouth. 

Edward Angle is widely credited to be the father of modern orthodontics. Angle was a dentist who was not only interested in the functionality of dentistry but also the aesthetics of it. He collaborated with Edmund H. Wuerpel who was both an artist and art educator so as to apply aesthetics in his chosen field of dentistry. On his success, Angle founded the Angle School of Orthodontics in St. Louis, Missouri where orthodontics was formally established as a field of dentistry. Edward Angle is also responsible for the coining of the term, 'malocclusion' to refer to anomalies of teeth position. Further, he was able to categorize different anomalies of the teeth and develop their respective treatments. The treatment included the use of devises he had invented and surgical techniques he had developed.

Since then, methods and techniques in the field of orthodontics have rapidly advanced in sophistication. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment often involves the insertion of metal wires into orthodontic brackets, which are more commonly referred to as dental braces. This method works in such a way that the wires interact with the brackets to move into their desired positions. 

Invisalign is yet another method that is often used. Clear plastic aligners comprise invisalign and they work to level and align the teeth properly. Unlike braces, invisalign requires a much greater level of patient compliance. 

Growing children of between the ages of 5 and 14 are also catered to by orthodontics. Functional appliances are used by a dentist to correct jaw dimensions and relationships in children between these ages. A follow-up procedure to this entails the use of fixed multi-bracket therapy so as to ensure that the tooth is aligned and the occlusion has been corrected.

Summarily dentists who mainly focus on orthodontics have the task of treating improper bites in the teeth as well as fixing crooked teeth. This is achieved using retainers as well as braces to put teeth in the right place. Retainers may not leave a permanent effect and one may be required to put them on from time to time after treatment has been completed. It is now evident that orthodontics is a field of dentistry that has greatly revolutionized society.


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