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Hydration Is Huge For Overall Health

Research has demonstrated time and time again the critical importance of water consumption in athletes, bodybuilders and even the average human-being. For bodybuilders, the rule of thumb is that in a state of just 2% dehydration, you'll experience a drop of 10% in anaerobic strength.

That translates to a waste of 15, 20 or even 25 pounds on your bench press, simply by not getting your daily amount of water. Not to mention, water has an incredibly large effect on the entire body.

Blood pressure, metabolism and even kidney function are all directly affected by water consumption. Keeping your kidneys healthy is quite important if you're currently taking any supplements that may be hard on your body.

Water helps flush out the system and keeps your body processing correctly. So when it comes down to it, make sure to keep the water flowing through your body for overall health. For the average person, somewhere between about a half a gallon and a gallon of water a day is best.

If you feel thirsty throughout the day, make sure to get some fluids as soon as you can. Once you're thirsty, you're dehydrated.



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