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Interview With Karren Brady

Karren Brady talks to GLAMOUR.COM about her new role on the Apprentice and gives us some very useful career tips!

What are you looking forward to most about appearing on The Apprentice?
I have really enjoyed being involved. Lord Sugar and Nick [Hewer] are amazing to work with as are all the team involved in the production of the show. The amount of integrity and energy that goes into it is absolutely mind-blowing. I'm looking forward to seeing the change that occurs in the candidates. The show holds up a mirror to who they are and what they
are about, and as it progresses you see the candidates change, improve and develop.

Do you think you will agree with Sir Alan Sugar or have a difference of opinion?
My job isn't really about my opinions, my role and Nick's is to be the eyes and ears for Lord Sugar when the candidates are doing the tasks. We give an honest appraisal of what happened and who made which decision so that he can make a decision on who to keep and who to fire.
What do you find impressive about someone in an interview?
Four things. Firstly, that they have done their preparation - having done some background research on the company, who we are, where we
are going etc. Secondly, that they understand and think about the job they are applying for; having a focus on exactly what they intend to bring to the role and the organisation as a whole. Thirdly; confidence. If they cannot sell themselves, they cannot sell my business. Finally; enthusiasm. I never employ anyone without this magic ingredient.

Is it difficult being a woman in the male-dominated world of football?
No. Whilst football may seem very male-dominated, it actually isn't as bad as you'd think! In fact 75% of my senior management team at Birmingham City Football Club were women.

What's the best piece of career advice someone has given to you?
Never let your heart rule your head, and never believe the manager when he says 'just one more player!'
You lead a busy life. How do you find time for your family?
My kids are the most important thing in my life so I make time. They love to come to work with me, they enjoy the football games and I always say no to the many invitations that I receive because at the end of the day I cannot go to the Oscars and make my kids breakfast, so I choose the second! When I do have to travel I keep in constant touch with my kids by sending them text messages, calls and videos and photos of where I am and what I am doing.

Who has inspired you?
I love self-motivated, enthusiastic people. Sir Philip Green and Lord Sugar are top of my list.

What qualities do you think women bring to the boardroom?
A lack of politics, ability to see the bigger picture, fantastic strategists, natural nurturers of people and great communicators.
What are your ambitions? The next female prime minister?
I like politics and would like to be an advisor in a political arena, but my ambitions don't extend to being the PM. I'm very lucky to do a job that I love, and - as I always say - nothing is work unless you'd rather be doing something else. And there is nothing else I'd rather be doing.


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