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Naomi And Scarlett Support Global Health Campaign

Rex Features
Thinking of starting a family...oh, say, in the next couple of decades? Ifyou live in the UK (or most other Western countries) you will be fortunate enough to be able to depend on getting the medical care that you need for yourself and your baby when it's your time to become a mum. But tragically, this is not the case for millions of women and their children living in the developing world, where many new mothers have no access to any medical care when they need it most. And that's why Naomi Campbell and Scarlett Johannson are amongst a number of celebrities who have signed an open letter to G8 leaders, calling for them to make a serious commitment to promoting the health of mothers and children around the world.
'It is a global scandal that millions of women and newborn babies die or suffer severe injury during childbirth every year - despite the fact that the vast majority of these injuries and deaths are preventable,' reads the letter, which will be presented to leaders at the G8 summit next week (that's the annual meeting of leaders from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Russia, France and Italy).  In addition to Naomi and Scarlett, celebs who've signed the letter include many other women we love - like Kristin Davis, Judi Dench, Claudia Winkleman and Davina McCall. And men are getting involved too: Rio Ferdinand and Jermain Jenas are among the chaps who have also signed on to the cause.
The campaign goes on to call on the leaders to double aid for health care for women, infants and children; dramatically increase numbers of health professionals in the developing world; and increase health care access to women and children who live in poverty by making it available at no cost to them. The statisticsc speak for themselves: 'Increased investment could save the lives each year of appoximately 1 million additional children and between 200,000- 300,000 women,' the letter explains.
But how can you get involved? Turns out, it's quite easy. 'You can support the [campaign] in lots of ways,' says Brigid McConville, UK Director of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, which is one of the many organisations backing the initiative. 'Join up on the website (it's free!) and find out about all the activities, from fashion shows to dinner parties, from marathons to mountain climbs - that our members are involved in all over the world, raising awareness as well as funds.'


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