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New Year's Resolutions...

Rex Features
We're a week into 2011. How are your resolutions holding up? We always think that half of the fun of making them is breaking here are the top ten New Year's resolutions that we will always make...but never keep. Don't be shy, it's confession time: admit your own failings onTwitter, Facebook and in the comments!
1. We will quit drinking for the entire month of January. Until we remember just how boring and cold January is.
2. We will not wear my pyjamas to the corner shop. Until the morning after we fail to quit drinking and realise that we've run out of coffee. It's efficient, OK?
3. We will go to the gym every morning before work. Until we remember that we love sleeping, and we hate rowing machines.
4. We will quit gossiping. Until noon on New Year's Day when ours best friend calls us for a debrief on last night's scandalous party.
5. We will not drunk dial my ex-boyfriend. Until we have something really important to tell him. And by sheer coincidence this very important thing comes up when we're drunk.
6. We will learn a new language. Until we remember that learning a new language is really difficult. And that we really do speak English quite well.
7. We will give up eating carbs. Until someone brings croissants in to the office. Office croissants aren't really carbs, right? It would be rude to say no.
8. We will stop watching trashy television. Until the new season of The Only Way Is Essex premieres.
9. We won't go in to our overdrafts. Until a sample sale makes it absolutely necessary.
10. We will not start fights with our boyfriends. Until our boyfriends do something really annoying.


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