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Opting Out

Rex Features
Naomi Campbell isn't known for holding back when it comes to expressing her opinion. The latest topic on which she's passed judgement? Social networking...
Naomi doesn't like it. 'I don't do Facebook,' she said, speaking to a reporter from New York Magazine at a party thrown in New York last night by Dolce & Gabbana, celebrating her . 'I don't do Twitter. None of that. I don't have to do any of that. I just don't want anyone to know where I am.'
OK...we won't be Tweeting her, then. But while we can't quite imagine what life would be without our favourite social networks  - even though sometimes we do feel a little bit overwhelmed by all of the internet noise. And it's kind of amazing that refusing to use online social networks is quite a newsworthy thing for a celeb to do these day.
So, Naomi's nay-saying got us thinking: now that social networking seems to have infiltrated every aspect of our social lives, is it socially acceptable for anyone to opt out of communicating through Facebook and Twitter? Would dropping out of the electronic grid effect your lifestyle and friendships? Let us know in the comments...or, you know, via Twitter or Facebook!


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