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Reviewed: Diet Chef

Dieting effectively is a huge challenge to do yourself - getting the right balance of nutrition without under- or overdoing calories counts can feel like a full-time job. That's why delivery diets seem like a great idea: nutritionist-planned, pre-set meals dropped at your door so that you all you have to worry about is eating them. But many of these diets are prohibitively expensive: that's where Diet Chef comes in.
At £38 per week, the cost of Diet Chef is probably not too much more than what you're already spending on your weekly shop...if not less, if you opt for restaurant meals now and then.
The plusses? There are a really wide variety of meals - porridge and granola for breakfast, soups or milkshakes for lunch, and stews and pasta for dinner , plus a couple of snacks, like granola bars and oat crisps - and nothing needs to be refrigerated (it comes in vacuum-packed bags), so it's easy to stash meals in your handbag when you're on the go. If you do the diet for a month or more, you won't be eating the same thing every day by any means (unless you want to, of course).
The minuses? The food is not amazing - we got pretty bored with it pretty fast.  You do have to supplement the supplied meals with fresh fruits and veg and milk (or soy milk) which means that it is not quite as cheap as it sounds...and also means that you do have to make visits to the supermarket, which can be tempting and dangerous!
The diet is very low in calories (1200 a day) so we felt hungry a lot of the time when we were doing Diet Chef...but you can pretty much eat as much fresh fruit and veg as you like, so it was possible to take the edge off with an apple (or, er, 7). And, OK, it IS a diet. Being hungry should not have come as a surprise.
The final important point: did we lose weight? Even with a couple of cheats (giving up cheese for an entire week proved to be impossible), yes! In just a week we ended up about four pounds lighter. Were we able to keep it off once we finished our Diet Chef regimen? Not so much...but that's probably more our fault than that of the diet!


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