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Sixteen Things...

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The hottest hashtag on Twitter this week has been#tweetyour16yearoldself, which got us thinking: what would we like to tell our younger selves? Here are our top sixteen messages we'd like to send back in time...what are yours? Share onFacebook, Twitter or in the comments!
Leonardo DiCaprio is not going to marry you. But you'll end up fancying Robert Pattinson more, anyway.
Don't start smoking. In a few years it won't be will be expensive, and bad for your health, and make your teeth turn a funny colour. Just...don't.
Get your eyebrows threaded. Omar Sharif is a handsome man, but there is no reason for you to look like him.
Keep GCSEs in perspective. You'll still be a successful human being if you don't get an A* on your geography project.
You know that boy you love, who never speaks to you? You won't actually remember his name in a few years.
It's totally fine to be crap at PE. But one day you will go to the gym voluntarily.
Your parents are actually right sometimes. Particularly when you think they're being the most unfair.
Growing up fast isn't everything. Once you're an adult, there's no getting out of paying council tax.
Malibu and Coke is not a sophisticated drink. Neither is any kind of blue alco-pop.
You are beautiful. You don't actually have to wear quite so much makeup.
Don't spend a second worrying about what the "popular" girls think. Their opinions are actually not important.
Don't get a tattoo that looks like a felt tip dragonfly. Or really, a tattoo in general.
Don't be in a rush to lose your virginity. Waiting for someone special actually *does* make a difference...and sex when you're an adult is so much better than when you're a teenager.
One day, grown-ups will stop telling you what to do...and you'll slightly miss the days when there was someone to give you clear instructions.
Don't date a guy in the year above just because he has a car. Unless you want your family to bring it up every Christmas for the next decade.
You really will look back on this time and laugh. Particularly at the things that are the most awkward now!


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