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Smoothies for Weight Loss

Not a bad idea to turn to fruit smoothies to lose weight if you want a good ally to shake off those extra kilos. Obviously, they will not bear fruit by themselves, but may prove an interesting company in a weight loss diet with physical activity accordingly. Here are some recipes that you might be interested.

One is that of the papaya smoothie and flaxseed, which is high in fiber and wonders that can serve to purify the body by increasing intestinal transit.

Also this smoothie grapefruit and cactus diet may be appropriate, since both have great skills cleansing ingredients, helping the liver metabolism, among other things.

Moreover, this strawberry milkshake and oats not only provide good amounts of fiber, but also antioxidants and

If your problem is the lack of urinary activity, this smoothie diuretic melon and green tea can help you lose fluids withheld because of their diuretic effect.

Remember something important: it is very good to take all these smoothies for weight loss fasting, because the body can better absorb the nutrients in that time of day.

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