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Social Jetlag

Rex Features
Party season is definitely over, and the post-party slump is definitely on. But is your feeling of fatigue more than a hangover?
Some researchers have tagged the post-holiday slump as "social jetlag" - the particular result of heavy eating and drinking combined with consistent disturbance of sleeping habits that many of us indulge in over the Christmas period...all of which really hits us just as we slide back in to work.
Speaking to the Telegraph, chronobiologist Dr Victoria Revell said: "Over the Christmas period we will enjoy staying up late at night and staying in bed in the morning. However, this will allow our body clock to drift later in time, similar to flying a couple of time zones west." The result? Mid-afternoon sleepiness, followed by feeling wide awake at night when it used to be time to strap your party shoes on.
The key to defeating social jet lag? According to Dr Revell, it's all about maintaining your usual sleep schedule throughout the Christmas break. Which would have been good to know two weeks ago (not that we would have done it, but still good to know).
But since we didn't plan ahead so well, we'll be attempting our usual anti-jetlag techniques: coffee until lunch time, fresh air at lunchtime, and a brisk walk in the evening followed by some chill-out time and a hot bath to make us as sleepy as possible when our brains (wrongly) thing that it's party time again. We have high hopes that we'll be back in the right time zone by the end of the week. Right. Right. What are your top tips for fighting the post-party fug? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook and on Twitter!


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