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User Post: Holier Than Thou - Non-Smokers Need to Chill

This is a true story: My smoker boyfriend was in between classes on his college campus one day, and needed a cigarette. His campus prohibits smoking in certain areas, so not only did my boyfriend go to one of the "smoking OK" areas of campus, he even went the extra mile to pick a bench with nobody around so his smoke wouldn't disturb anyone. 

What happened? A couple walked up, while he was sitting there smoking, and sat down at the bench next to him. After a few minutes, the man loudly proclaimed to his girlfriend: "This smoke is so annoying, let's get out of here so we don't have to smell HIS smoke" and shot my boyfriend a dirty look.

Um, seriously? THEY sat down next to HIMwhile he was already smoking! And they have the nerve to complain about it? Pick another bench, jerk! 

Look, I understand non-smokers don't want to be exposed to second hand smoke, but when the non-smoker is the one to approach the smoker, then the non-smoker really needs to chill out. And the common view held by non-smokers about smokers - that smokers are evil dangerous beings who blow smoke in the face of babies and are out to infect everybody with their lethal second hand smoke - really needs to end. 

This is one area in which common courtesy should reign supreme. Smokers should be aware - and most often are - of where their smoke is blowing and be courteous about keeping it away from non-smokers. And non-smokers need to realize that there are millions of particles out there from pollution, smog and chemicals that are just as dangerous as second hand smoke, and if a little puff of smoke goes your way as a person walks past you on the street, it isn't going to kill you and is no excuse to be rude and judgmental. In fact, another person's smoking habit should only be discussed if that person puts you in contact with his or her smoke on a regular basis. Otherwise, mind your own business, get off your high horse, and don't be so judgmental!  


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