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Wedding Weight Loss: Must You?

A new survey has found that modern brides are regarding weight loss to be nearly as essential a part of wedding preparations as, well, finding a husband! More than half, it seems, lose more than a stone before their big day. And they're ordering their dresses accordingly - ten per cent go for a size smaller than usual, to give themselves something to aim for. But is all this slimming really necessary? We asked Lucy Mangan - author of the fabulously witty wedding memoir, The Reluctant Bride -  to weigh in on the issue.
Lucy says...
Until cellulite and whatever those fat flumpy bits that appear between your boobs and your underarms are called become internationally recognised objects of desire, brides are going to lose weight before their wedding days. I did - I think I lost about half a stone, which was enough to make a difference to the photographs and to my mental health. I couldn't have gone to the altar looking like I did when I first tried my dress on. They would have had to have armed my dad with a cattleprod to get me down the aisle. But three months of tennis and no chocolate later, I looked better and felt great.
And while I would never encourage anyone to go on an unnecessary diet, I would say that for a lot of us, diets are necessary and weddings can provide the extra impetus to get  ourselves off our lazy bums at last and lose those few pounds that are doing us no good, physically or mentally. But don't get stupid about it. Know what you need to lose and aim to lose it - and no more - steadily and sensibly.

Of course it's a great shame that we can't all accept and love ourselves for what we are and for how we're built, but I would suggest that the run up to your big day is probably not the best time to try and work on this. Unpicking
your body image issues is the kind of thing that should be done calmly and at leisure with a kindly friend or therapist, not in the febrile atmosphere of a bridal shop or the glassware section of John Lewis.

And if you don't want to diet, don't. Better a happy, buxom bride than a miserable bony one. If you're doing it because your mother has suggested it, don't. Ignore her. If you're doing it because your fiance has suggested it, don't. Ignore him, and then dump him. A man who wants you thinner is a man who will never make you happy. 


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