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Workout Series: Ankle Weight Exercises III

Crisp fall weather is here, and just as you're cleaning out your closet and updating your wardrobe, it's time to update your exercise routine! A great way to do that is to vary the types of workouts you do and incorporate new equipment into your routine. Ankle weights are an inexpensive option (costing between $20 and $50 a set, but also available at most local gyms) that will produce fast results in your core or leg areas. They add weight to your workout, creating more intensity and calories burned, so what's not to love? On October 4, WD started a new workout series that features a different routine using ankle weights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. Begin with Monday's introductory video here and then follow along with Wednesday's to learn the buttocks leg lift exercise. Today's video features an eHow trainer introducing an ankle cuff workout (small ankle weights that are attached together) for this horsey exercise.

Prone Side Raise Cuff Exercises -- powered by


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