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World Cup For Girls

Rex Features
One sleep to go until the World Cup kicks off, and it's an odds-on chance that the men in your life are going crazy with anticipation. But while many people seem to assume that football is a chance for guys to have fun and women to roll their eyes and complain about feeling abandoned, lots of girls are actually just as keen - if not more so - to get involved!

Fay Block says that she learned to love football from her older brothers - 'they were Tottenham fans, so I became an Arsenal fan,' she says. Fay loves the World Cup because 'it's a kind of social phenomenon. It brings people together at lunchtime, at work. You're sharing the excitement of supporting the team, and it's really quite an ecstatic feeling.'
Zita Lloyd points out that even if you don't care that much about the score, 'There's a lot of sexy men on show,' she says. 'Even the ones that aren't that handsome in the face have brilliant legs and bodies.' And she also thinks that girls shouldn't be misled by guys who claim that football is too complicated for them to understand. 'Everybody gets their knickers into a twist about the offside rule,' she says. 'It's not that complicated and it doesn't come in to play that much!'
And's own Natasha McNamara doesn't even like football most of the time, but that's not stopping her. 'It's a perfect opportunity to get people together - how many of us are having a BBQ this Saturday?' she says. 'In terms of women who don't usually enjoy football (myself included)   - stop being such killjoys and get into the spirit of things. It's only once every four years.'
And what about reports that the World Cup can be bad for your relationship? These fans think that it can improve it. 'My husband wasn't a football fan,' Fay says. 'Basically, when we got married a few years back, he wanted me to take his name which I wasn't too keen on...[so] I ended up having a kind of agreement with him that if I took on his name he would have to take on my football team. He is a lot more interested in football now, and it's something we can share.'
And Zita agrees that being a fan has been good for our relationship - 'it's one of the things that unites our relationship,' she says. 'My boyfriend and I spend every Saturday night watching Match of the Day together.'
Hm. We're not sure we're going to give up Saturday nights out for THAT. But that doesn't mean that we're not going to find a way to have a good time during the tournament. 'If you REALLY can't enjoy the fun - use the match to do something YOU enjoy,' Natasha says. 'You don't need a man to have fun, surely? Go see SATC2, get a mani, read, go shopping - consider it quality boy-free time!'


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