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Attack Of Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking anxiety is a very common anxiety disorder that most people find hard to overcome. When no initiative is taken to defeat the disorder, it will become worst and will be a burden inside you that will last for years. All of us experience public speaking anxiety. Even those individuals who are used to speak in public can still be affected with this. It can affect even actors, comedians, public servants, and talk show hosts just like Jay Leno.

Recent studies suggest that 20-85% of people in the United States suffer from the disorder. It has been one of the best obstacles that hinder people from performing their best. Instead of being productive and excelling in their schools and/or workplace, it blocks their way towards attaining the full potential. We are in a kind of culture that puts so much emphasis on the excellence of execution. Consequently, high standards are planted on people's minds and when faced with they are not met, anxiety sets in.

This breeds a perfectionist culture that creates so much cultural baggage. In fact, public speaking anxiety the second most common anxiety disorder, next to fear of spiders (arachnophobia). At the start of the disorder, people begin to develop potential fears such as fear of frustration, fear of mental block, fear of rejection, and the like. After that, the next bad thing going to happen is a person will start to have butterflies in the stomach, rapid heartbeat, sweating, shaking/trembling speech, and finally error in memory retrieval or memory loss .

Ironically, the most effective way to get out of such anxiety is to defy it. Public speaking is a part of contemporary life that we must all go through. There will really come a point when we need to stand in front of the crowd and speak and should be ready for that day.

Here are the suggestions that can be used to battle this disorder:

We should be mentally and emotionally equipped. Practicing deep breathing every morning will not only help you remedy your fear of public speaking but gives you clarity of mind as well. In addition, if it is practiced regularly, it improve will physical and emotional health.

Familiarize your piece by heart. You will never be anxious to share your thoughts if you are knowledgable about it.

Practice makes perfect. Train with yourself. Visualize that there are many people looking at you. One rule of thumb in speaking is when you practice more; you will get better at it. Even yourself will be astonished with the progress.

You must discern that people like you to be successful. Get over from the fallacy of perfection-that we must always execute speech perfectly. The crowd will listen to the words you'll say so you need to set your mind on the content of the speech rather than your anxiety.

Public speaking anxiety can be very detrimental. It does not allow you to grow because you are always trapped in its black box. Do not allow yourself to be defeated by this disorder because by nature, will and mind power is thousands of times stronger than any anxiety. Although it is really difficult to remove the chains of anxiety, with proper training and assistance, you can certainly be the best person you can be.


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