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Can Fat Make You Happy?

Let's have a closer look at this phenomenon called "overweight".
The Farmingham Heart Study now excists for more than three decades.
Successive follow-ups over 26 years show that weight gain after adulthood
causes a huge increase in risk of all types of cardiovascular diseases.

It doesn't need much to get results. Even a 10% increase above normal weight,
that's about 7 kg extra on a 70 kg person, causes a 6 - 7% increase in blood
pressure. Loosing that extra weight causes a moderate drop of 10 - 11%
in blood pressure. Without any doubt, the cause of the illness was bodyfat.

Seriously overweight women carrying say 25 - 30kg of extra weight, have
700% greater risk to develop hypertension.
If you carry 30kg or more, you have a 3000% greater change to develop
diabetes. Even moderate overweight increases your risk of diabetes by 100%.

A 20 year study by the American Cancer Society involving over a million
Americans from 25 states, showed that men who are 40% overweight,
have higher rates of prostate - , colon - , and rectal cancer.
Women who are 40% overweight or more, have higher rates of breast - ,
avarian - , uterine - ,gall bladder - , cervical - , and endometrial cancer.
Corpulent is definitely sick!

Generally speaking, overweight is the cause of almost all diseases.
Even moderate overweight can damage your immune system and reduce
your resistance to everything!

Folk who are only moderate overweight can show surprisingly defensive
reactions against the evidence that fat is sick. They suck in their stomachs
and laugh:" This is just happy fat." Or they slap their thigh and proclaim:
"God made me this way, healthy and comfortable".

The latest study at the Harvard School of Public Health. shows that even
the slightest chunky die young. Dr.I-Min Lee and colleagues tracked
19,297 healthy Harvard students who graduated between 1960 and 1950,
smokers excluded.

By 1988, 4370 men had died - mostly chunky. The less weight they carried
througout life, the lower their death risk. Men who where 20% below the
average for Americans of comparable age and height had the best change
of a long and healthy life.

With about 40 million Americans classified as overweight, bodyfat is by far
America's worst health risk. I can't believe these statistics would be much
better in other countries, like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

It causes more illness than all the environmental and nutrition problems.
Worse than smoking, alcohol and all other drugs put together.

Yet for people who ignore the facts,overweight is little more than a good
butt of humor. It is not funny when you realize that Americans carry
enough fat around to feed the whole of strarving Africa and would gladly
pay for the shipping, but the disease it causes is no joke! 


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