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Canada Pharmacy Study on Stroke Risks in Depressed Women

Researchers have found women who had depression in the past are more likely to be affected by stroke. Depression is treated with antidepressants, and its use increases the risk of stroke by almost 29% compared to women who had never been diagnosed with hypertension. Our Canada Pharmacy studies how much effect can be seen when co-relating that two medical conditions.

Heart Study Shows Connection between Depression and Stroke in Women

A study published in the online version of the journal Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association in the month of August 2011 highlighted the high risk depressed women had of getting stroke. Over 80,000 women were interviewed by a team of investigators. All these women had no history of stroke and were approximately 66 years of age. Results were compiled yearly for a total period of six years by assimilating data concerning medical history, treatments, and increased risk factors of stroke like cigarette smoking and inactivity.

Results revealed that besides known factors, depression also had considerably impact independently on women suffering from depression. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public health, Boston, connected medication used for hypertension with the risk of stroke. Medical prescriptions collected every two years were studied. Prescribed antidepressant medication for women showed more inclination to get stroke, more so in those who were on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Zoloft. 

Our Canada Pharmacy suggests women suffering from depression buy Cymbalta or buy Plavix instead as a precaution. The study has not clinically proved medication is responsible for stroke. However, medication showing minimum side effects can be used to treat depression in women.

Medical Solutions for Stroke Prevention through Continuous Study

The actual reason how depression leads to stroke is not known as yet. Statistics have shown there is a correlation between the two. However, symptoms like inflammation, does indicate increased risk. Vascular disease or other ailments in the brain could also be additional reasons. The current study has necessitated the process of conducting further research to find precise co-relation between with the intention of finding a permanent medical solution.

A total of 1,033 stroke cases were studied. Results were documented based on reports submitted by volunteers, medical reports, autopsy reports, and cause of death. Limitation of the study appeared during data collection, because volunteers consisted of white registered nurses making it uncertain whether results applied to a much wider population consisting of mixed races.

Another limitation because of the small population size sample was researchers were uncertain whether lifestyles led by the nurses contributed to depression or had adverse effect on health. Several other studies are therefore needed to identify all the reasons leading to stroke.

BigMountain Pharmacy asks women suffering from depression to be more careful in taking necessary precautions to keep the medical condition under control. Though the study may not be conclusive at present, numbers have indicated there is a direct relation between depression and stroke. Continuous studies will further indicate co-relation between stroke and all other medical ailments leading to it. One thing is certain. People have to lead active lifestyles inclusive of healthy diet and regular exercise to prevent lifestyle diseases now and in the future.


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