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E-Cig vapor keeps you safe and popular in society

Society is rather strict with those who smoke cigarette, and for valid reasons. If you are not ready to give up your habit of years and want to be in the company of your peers, choose electronic cigarette vapor over tobacco smoke.

So, what makes electronic cigarette vapor safe enough for society to accept it as against 'analog' cigarette? The e-juice, or the liquid contained in electronic cigarette is not pure nicotine. Tobacco cigarette contains pure tobacco, plus some 4,000 carcinogenic materials that are deadly dangerous to the health. On the contrary, the e-juice contains the nicotine being dissolved in as many as four different types of liquid. This makes the nicotine diluted. The effects of e-cig vapor are at least half lesser than compared to the smoke of tobacco cigarette.

The dilution of the nicotine makes the vapor exhaled from electronic cigarette safe for the passive smokers as well as the smoker. The e-juice, when exhaled as vapor, contains only 10% of nicotine. The rest 90% is simple water vapor. The troubles that passive smokers face due to the smoking of cigarette are unacceptable. The dangers that smokers cause to themselves is perhaps excusable, for they are doing it even though being aware of all circumstances. But the passive smokers that are harmed by being in vicinity of smokers are helpless victims of some nasty habits of people.

Electronic cigarette is the answer to these problems of passive smokers.

E-cig vapor is also a big relief from the nuisance of going outdoors to smoke. Summers are fine, for you can go outside as many times you want to puff cigarette. Though it annoys your family or friends immensely, you still do not care and go outside. But during winter months, you sometimes curse you smoking habit for you have to go outdoors to smoke or remain indoors without smoking a cigarette for long hours. Some find it tough to conceal their urge to smoke and smoke indoors.

E-juice keeps passive smokers safe, and also keeps your fire alarm from ringing and giving you a panic attack if you smoke inside. The vapor of e-juice is not 'smoke'. This is why the action of using electronic cigarette is not called 'smoking', but 'vaping'. The water vapor that is exhaled mixes with the air in no time, and the fire alarm rests in peace every time you vape an electronic cigarette.

Society is very critical about cleanliness of homes, and neighbors do not tire in finding a fault with your house. Already it is much difficult a task to keep a home clean and tidy if there are kids. Even if a house is only of adults, in these busy days, the Victorian "hearth" is no longer the heart of the house. In such conditions, it becomes rather intolerable to have someone who distributes stinky smelly cigarette smoke within the house. And there would be the trouble of patches in the wall if somebody smokes indoors, or even near the outdoor walls. Electronic cigarette vapor saves you from all such problems. The e-vapor is smokeless and does not cause any sort of mark or patch anywhere.

Also, e-cig vapor is never the culprit to get you yellow patches on the teeth or brown marks on your finger tips. You get accepted in the society just as any non-smoker is once you start using electronic cigarette.

The best way to start this experience would be through cheap electronic cigarette starter kit.


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