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E Health Cigarettes – A Healthier Choice

The electronic healthy cigarette also known as e health cigarette was first conceptualized by Herbert A. Gilbert during 1963. It was meant to be a smokeless and harmless method of smoking intended to replace the traditional way of smoking. Up to date, the same principle still applies in the market of e healthy cigarette. The modern e health cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik in the year 2003.


An is an electrical piece of equipment that resemble like the usual cigarette. This e health cigarette feels and tastes like the real cigarettes, cigars or pipes. It is a battery operated plastic device that gives off an odorless and harmless mist. It is reusable and comes with refills, although some are disposable. Its size is usually measured in 38 x 9mm / 1.5 x 0.4 inches that is why it can be carried with less effort.


The e health cigarette is the better alternative for the traditional smoking. It is also a helpful approach to a smoker who badly wants to quit smoking. It gradually helps lessen the addiction of an individual towards smoking. The use of e health cigarettes reduces the Tar and Nicotine intake of a person and at the same time satisfies one's cravings for it. To make a good start, a smoker is advised to lower down slowly its nicotine content. When he is ready he may start using the no-nicotine flavored electronic cigarette filters. In that way it becomes a healthier and easier way to quit the deadly habit. Also, the struggle to resist smoking can be lessen in this way.


To use the e health cigarette, there is no need to light up the device. In that way, it poses a safer, less hazardous way to use. It is safer and will not be a threat to cause any unwanted fires and combustions. It claims to have a less detrimental effect on the smoker as well as to the second hand smokers. Making use of the e health cigarette gives the user a less guilty feeling towards habitual smoking. Every smoking experience with the becomes more enjoyable because of the varieties of flavors available. The most commonly patronized flavors are vanilla, strawberry, banana and grapes. Lastly, this can also be a great gift worth introducing to a friend who is dedicated and willing to eventually give up a long been kept practice- smoking!


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