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Electronic cigarette filters

Electronic cigarette filters are essentially a part of the entire set up of e health cigarettes that consist of three basic components namely the lithium ion battery, reusable atomizing device and the filter. When the e health cigarette is switched on the LED starts glowing deriving its power from the battery. If the user takes the puff the atomizer warms up the electronic cigarette filter and in turn the nicotine solution inside the filter also warms up. The solution when warm is converted into vapor and inhaling this gives the user a feeling of using a real cigarette.


The electronic cigarette filters contain the nicotine solution when heated up are released in the form of vapors. Several studies have revealed that as such nicotine is not at all harmful and the nicotine vapors produced from the electronic cigarette filters produce very minimum effect similar to that of caffeine present in a mug of tea or coffee. Caffeine are considered to be harmful but produce very little or no effect if consumed in less quantities as in the tea or coffee.  


The production of e health cigarettes is dependent on majority of factors. The government doesn't approve it to be a safe product as the research work has yet to establish a relationship that using of e health cigarettes is really beneficial.


The electronic cigarette filter in two-piece design of an e health cigarette is somewhat different. The atomizer and the are fused to form a single part. The combined form of atomizer and (cartridge) is called as cartomizer. The manufacturers of this type of e health cigarettes promote the two-piece design as a better alternative than the traditional three-piece design. The claim is somewhat debatable but still the two-piece design is definitely advancement from the earlier product. The messy job of replacing the refill cartridges or electronic cigarette filter is avoided in the new design. The cartomizer is completely sealed and thus the flavor of nicotine is maintained at fresher levels.

The shelf life of nicotine refill cartridge or the electronic cigarette filter is almost a year and one doesn't have to worry about this aspect of maintenance of freshness in the earlier models or the three-piece designs.

But in the hindsight even this is somewhat exaggerated because atomizers need to be replaced very less often due to their durability and cost wise also the cartomizers are expensive since they are combination of electronic cigarette filter and the atomizer.


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