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Electronic Cigarettes-The best alternative to smoking

Smoking has been the main cause of many deadly the worst one of which is cancer. It was proven by doctors in 1957 that the tobacco in the cigarettes can cause lung cancer. But till date we observe that the cigarette is still being used as it had always been.

The tobacco cigarettes definitely need an alternative if you care for your health. And the best possible alternative to cigarettes, are the electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes look almost like the traditional cigarette but the inside has a lot to explore.

The electronic cigarettes contain nicotine cartridges and that's it. Yes quite hard to believe but these cigarettes do not contain tobacco or any of those 3000+ harmful substances that the usual cigarettes contained, and still they are cigarettes. These battery chargeable cigarettes taste slightly different from the usual one but they provide the same pleasure that the cigarette would provide, as believed and agreed by many users.

When the cigarette is switched on the battery comes into action and heats up the coil that lies in between the batteries and the nicotine cartridge, as a result of which nicotine fumes come out that too in a quantity just sufficient enough for the smoker to inhale. The environment stays safe and sound which wouldn't in case of the tobacco cigarette that liberates a lot of smoke and smell that pollute the environment.

The electronic cigarettes do not require any lighter or matches as they have nothing to do with flame. Thus, safe enough, to take a puff even while you drive. They do not give out any smoke or smell that a cigarette used to so you are now free to take a puff even in public places.

Not only are these cigarettes safe on health, but they are genuine to your pockets as well. These cigarettes are more economic compared to your usual one. One cartridge lasts as long as two packs of cigarettes would and not only this, they require no expense for lighters and matches.

You need not worry about stained teeth anymore as these cigarettes liberate no chemical that can leave your teeth stained and spoil your wonderful smile. Though it cannot be claimed that these cigarettes are hundred percent safe as they contain the addictive nicotine in them, still they have so many positive points that can attract you towards it. the most important one that none can niglect


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