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How Do Smoking Patches Work?

One of the most widely used and trusted quit smoking aids available on the
market nowadays is the nicotine patch, because these patch are very
effective to individuals who really wants to quit smoking. Nicotine patch is
a type of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that has got proven its rate of
success again and again. When utilised correctly, the nicotine patch can
effectively decrease the harshness of symptoms of withdrawal, lower relapse
risk and greatly increase confidence.

The patch actually decrease the signs and symptoms of withdrawal by giving a
gradual dose of nicotine to the consumer, as unlike traditional smoking
cigarette that produces nicotine rush and then a dramatic sudden drop.
Employing this patch, offers the user to over time lessen nicotine intake by
moving from the different stages or steps of the patch.

You'll find three different strengths usually available for the nicotine
patch, given that the starting dose count basically relating to the amount
of cigarettes smoked every day by the user prior to stopping. A 21 mg patch
is ideal for those typical heavy smokers who is able to smoke or enjoy a
pack of cigarettes if not more every day. For light or moderate smokers, 14
mg patch is suggested. After a period of 3 to 4 weeks, the user changes the
patch to another strength. A 7 mg nicotine patch is the last dosage or
strength available among the three patches. This patch is used by those
below moderate or light smokers, as it is likewise the last dose that the
heavy smokers can use around 1 week or even more. And next, the nicotine
patch user stop wearing the patches completely feeling different.

The patch could be used or put on a dry clean skin, which is totally free of
oil, moist, and hair everyday, because it depends on the personal preference
of the consumer and likewise with the kind of the patch used. The patch
could be worn for a minimum period of 16 hours everyday, as it can be also
left on the skin for 24-hour period of time. The nicotine in the patch is
steadily absorbed from the skin and into your body, entering into the
circulatory system to be able to ease or alleviates the indication of

The patch is very effective in lowering the harshness of physical withdrawal
symptoms along with the cravings of the user. However, it doesn't completely
remove the psychological or social effects of stop smoking. Although,
several nicotine patch users find psychological and social triggers super
easy to deal with if symptoms of physical withdrawal are lessened. Using the
nicotine patch allow a lot of people to concentrate or focus to stop smoking
without worrying about physical discomfort.


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