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How To Manage Situational Anxiety

Considering the unpredictable nature of anxiety and panic attacks, it is best to equip yourself with the proper know how's in times of an emergency or unpredictable attacks. A situational anxiety, anxiety while driving; can be very dangerous especially when traveling alone more so when traveling long distance. This situational anxiety is so fast and furious that can have a very detrimental effect, which in extreme cases, can lead you to:


- prevent you from driving at all

- Unnecessarily hire someone to drive you to places, which could take a toll on your budget

- Trigger your other fears that can lead to full blown panic attack in slightly similar situations 

The first thing to keep in mind in such cases is to stay calm.[ Remember that our perception towards something subliminally affects our behavior toward it| Keep in mind that how we perceive something greatly affects our way or reacting towards it}. If youstart to feel anxious even before you get inside your car. You should stay out of the car for an adequate period of time and take time to do the following:

- Sit back, close your eyes and relax for a bit

- Try to breathe slowly as you can, this helps in the circulation of blood which in turn relaxes the muscle and the mind.

When you're done with those things mentioned above it is a must that you maintain a positive thinking that you are capable of handling situations that may seem difficult for you to overcome. Once you have remained positive then your perception towards driving will also become positive. There's no overnight success especially in dealing with deep rooted fluky fears like anxiety while driving. You should take time to deal with it rather than ignore it because you'll never know when and where it will take place. [It is always best to understand your condition and know that there are a lot of things you can do manage the situation|It has always been very helpful to learn and understand how to overcome this anxiety attacks }. 

Moreover, here are some simple steps to start your ferocious battle against anxiety while driving:

1.) Breathe in deeply while driving

2.) Putting on calm music such as nature music or the like will hasten the process and help you to relax.

3.) [Take time to move your body slightly|Move or stretch your body a little bit}. Once you begin to feel that you are about to experience anxiety attack, then try to move your head, shoulders, face and neck. Intense concentration on the fear will worsen the situation. By moving your body, you will stimulate your senses with other things and divert your attention.

4.)If you suspect that anxiety is about to occur then take a brake and then slowly get back on track after a little while. Suppressed and unreleased tension will trigger full blown panic attacks especially if you had already had an experience.If you get a firm and strong grip on something while having these attacks will only increase your tension.

Don't attempt to continue driving if you feel a panic attack coming along.Try to keep your self calm first by doing those steps enumerated earlier while parking your car in a safe location. Only when you feel really relax, should you attempt to drive again. These episodes do pass in no time for as long as you know how to deal with it. 

Also, one thing to be cautious about is to learn and accept the fact that anxiety is a multifaceted and vicious mental disorder but can be defeated by iron-willpower and uncompromising commitment to overcome it.

The answer lies in you really. The thing you need to do is just to keep on searching for the key and sometime soon, you will unlock the roomful of anxiety in you.


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