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The N02 Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Many Portable herbal vaporizers are just cheap entry level vaporizers, designed made out of cheap materials and cheap parts so they canbe sold for as little as possible. Often people therefore think that if they are going to pay a bit more they will need to buy a tabletop vaporizer in order to get a good quality product. The N02 vaporizer though is a good quality, moderately priced, portable vaporizer that is perfect for those who want a vaporizer they can take around with them as a supplement to a table top vaporizer or as a sole herbal vaporizer that they can use comfortably at home or elsewhere.

The N02 is a portable vaporizer but with the digital controls you would expect only on large tabletopvaporizers, and maybehigh-end herbal vaporizers then. The digital display and controls allow the temperature of the biomass to be controlled very accurately. The temperature required canbe set and the currenttemperature shown. The N02 herbal vaporizer heats up quickly to the required temperature, being able to do this means that you can almost instantly have vapors released at the best temperature for the herbs you are using. Different types of herbs need a different temperature to release the optimum amount of vapors while not releasing any smoke by overheating and burning the herbs used.

The N02 is a healthy option as a herbal vaporizer, vaporizers are in the first place often used for health and so being able to ensure herbs do not burn releasing carcinogenic smoke is important. Also important is that the parts of the vaporizer aren't made of cheap plastics that when heated may burn and release carcinogenic fumes. Also unlike many portable vaporizers the N02 has been designed to be flameless, this meansthere is no chance of the fumes from burning gas such as butane being inhaled by the user: this is neither pleasant nor healthy. A good vaporizer should be enjoyable to use and with the N02 you will only get the pure flavor of the herbs you are vaporizing: not smoke, not plastic fumes and not gas.

The components of a battery powered herbal vaporizer may be a little more expensive but this hasn't stopped Vapir, the makers of the N02, creating a vaporizer with a very good value retail price and that's even with a rechargeable battery. The cost of batteries alone is what often made previous battery powered vaporizer unpopular, as well as the cost of the units themselves; the N02 is quick and easy to charge up without having to remove the batteries and this means that you can use the vaporizer while it is plugged in to charge. The vaporizer is always there when you need it then and it is easy to take with you as well;the N02 is highly compact at 8 inches by 1 and a half inches:other herbal vaporizers this size are often much more expensive and all you get is the smaller size for your money, the N02 with all the advantages already mentioned and the compact size is still retailed at a great price, especially when you consider this will be the only vaporizer you need with features as goods as table top models.


Doc Vapor said...

Other than the size of the N02, its by far one of the best vaporizers on the market.

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